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CINDERELLA hard rock band

Cinderella are one of the most popular hard rock bands of the history. The singer is Tom Keifer ,one of the bests innovers of America and Europe , hi was the manager of the band. Keifer brought groupto the top of the history of world. Their 3 famous discs are :NIGHT SONGS,LONG COLD WINTER with […]


    The class 5.a is goin to do Mosaics in pasearte. pasearte will start at 9:30and finish at 16:30.   WHAT  ARE THE MOSAICS? The matirial of mosaics marble and  stone. pieces of ceramic tiles ,which were used to decorative mosaics (Art).       MIKEL


There are a lot of drinks but I go to day? some drinks. – The coca cola, I dont like it , but a lot of people does . There are coca cola cero and coca cola  . Is very but to drink coca cola. -Orange juice , I like it very, very , much […]


Minecraft=    servers of minecraft: Akarcraft.com  Gamesmadeinpola.com  you can see more servers in Youtube Roblox=    in Roblox you can play Murder mystery, Lumber tycon… Clash Royale=   You can join clans and play with your friends but in  level 3 Head Soccer=   in Head   Soccer you can play with your friends Fifa=  […]


Fencing is one spor that you use 3 swords: Normally the Épée, the Foil and the Sabre. Fencing is a Olympic game and the French people imvented the fencing sport. The tipical movents are: The march, the break and the background. i like the fencing, it is one sport that you do friends… if you […]


MEXICO Mexico is a very beautifoul place, Mexico is very BIG, and have a very funny places. The mexican food is very very famous and SPICY!!!!!! I´m from Mexico, and I love it!!!! You should go, it´s incredible and in my opinion, It´s very funny!!!! LEYRE


The day 21th Real Madrid CF won the liga 2016-2017 after 5 yeras,with 2 goals  from Ronaldo and Benzema Barça remained 3 points down.Played in the estadium of Malaga.Ronaldo said:was a difficult team but we didv a very nice work.   Hodei

videogames recomendates

GTA: in my opinion is the best videogames in the word becouse yo cand tace one treen. CLASH ROYALE:four my is very good videogame. THE LAST OF US:becouse is to cild zonbies and my i like cil zonbies.