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THE BABY BOSS The Baby boss it’s a fantastic movie to see with the family. It’s its recommended to +6 years old of age. The movie is funny and one part  a litle bit sad.   VAIANA Vaiana is another fantastic movie, you can watch at all ages. The movie is very well done but […]


In Madrid in october 2017 play a concert heavy metal with Michael Kiske and Andy Deriss to do history in Madrid. They will play in the palace of sports. The tickets are sold out. they will play all here songs in 3 hours:I are a perfect gentle men, I want out… ERIK.M AND JON


The smurfs are little people with blue skin and they wear white trouses and white hat. They live in some mushrooms.All the smurfts are boys,scept one: Lady smurf. Dad smurf is the boss.There are 3 movies of the smurfs: Smurfs 1 Smurfs 2 Smurfs and the lost village. THEY ARE VERY FUNNY MOVIES! IRATI

Pre-school education works

In Pre-school education they are doing this works: –3years A-are planting tomatoes.They wait 3 days and 2nd of May they start growing! –3years B-are doing flowers with recicled material to stick on the “Tree of life ” for Pasearte day. –4years A-are doing self-portraits for Pasearte day. –4years B and 4years C- are doing a […]


           Today we are going to recommend you some things to have a healthy life.          THE FOOD: A lot of people eat almost everyday fast food, but it is better to eat healthy food. This is one healthy menu:      -STARTER: RICE                -MIND DISH: ANY FISH               -DESSERT: FRUIT             […]


-THE ISLAND OF NIM Sad, funny and entertaining.              +tp -TITANIC Sad and a little bit funny                     +12 -INSIDE OUT Sad and funny                                       +3 –  STAR WARS ROGUE  ONE Sad,buttels and a little bit funny         +7 -BEETHOVEN 1 It is funny a little bit sad                       +7 -WALLE Sad and funny                                         +7 -BABY BOSS Sad and a […]


The inscriptions will be to play football in the buztintxuri club .Because they want be more kids in the teame and for kids to play football. It wiil be in the old Buztintxuri scholl in the playground.The 2th of may.The kids that want to play football in the school. Hodei and jon Ander.

Mikro ipuinak

Haste honetan zehar MIKRO IPUINAK irakurtzen  eta idazten aritu gara .Batzuk ez genituen ulertzen eta beste batzuk oso barregarriak ziren. Jarraian, guk egindako 3 mikroipuin idatziko ditugu hemen:     ROMULO ETA REMO Bazen behin,biki batzuk, ROMULO ETA REMO Marteren semeak ziren eta ibaian bizi ziren. Egun batean,ibaia lehortu zen eta bakarrik zeudenez hil ziren.Marte oso triste jarri zen eta esan […]


The 19th of May the kids of the school of Buztintxuri are going to do a show with magic, bubbles, human sculpture, mime and gymnastics acrobacies. It will be behind the public medical center and on the day of pasearte. IF I WERE YOU I WOULD GO!!! Hodei and Jon Ander

Parkour classes!

-The new PARKOUR CLASSES!In Buztintxuri school -It’severy Thursday and if it’s raining they will not classes. -It in the grass of the big ramp. -The monitors are ANDER S,ELIAS C,and IVAN P. They are from class L.H.4a. -The classes are for L.H.1a to L.H.5a children. -For  more information,you can look in youtube. SIGN IN!