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MEXICO Mexico is a very beautifoul place, Mexico is very BIG, and have a very funny places. The mexican food is very very famous and SPICY!!!!!! I´m from Mexico, and I love it!!!! You should go, it´s incredible and in my opinion, It´s very funny!!!! LEYRE


The day 21th Real Madrid CF won the liga 2016-2017 after 5 yeras,with 2 goals  from Ronaldo and Benzema Barça remained 3 points down.Played in the estadium of Malaga.Ronaldo said:was a difficult team but we didv a very nice work.   Hodei


This toy is good and funny to play. You have to do some instructions. To finish the game you have to do all the faces with the same colour. There are different shapes: triangle, squere, round… I RECOMEND TO YOU Ekain


The smurfts(los pitufos la aldea escondida):little people with blue skin and white trouses. La mansion encantada:is one movie of a famili that goo to one mansion (is one movie of «terror»).   SONGS You dont now me I like very much the video is soo cool. Daniela


Pancake Manor is one Youtube channel for the little of the family.(More or less vituin 1-6 years) They have song to learn the colors,foods,…   I RECOMMEND IT TO YOU!   IRATI

Take care of the Planet

–You have to take care of the planet because global warming can happen. –Because you can intoxicate. Brash-you have to recicle the bra                                                                 […]